CBD Sports Chew Cookies & Creams with Caffeine - 30 Days

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UFO Labs has created a CBD Sports Chew 30 in each container.  Each Chew has 25mg CBD Isolate and 100 mg caffeine. You can use as a pre-workout or post-workout its a good balance no crash organic and all-natural energy with enough CBD to promote the differences in recovery, pain and or anxiety.


 Sports Chew Cookies & Creams 

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Jeff Peterson

Prompt delivery service
Top quality product

David Shisler
My experience taking UFO chew

I am 72 years old and try to workout almost everyday, anyway about 5 days a week. I usually work out for about 20 to 30 mins. usually some cardio and some lite weight lifting. Since taking one Chew about 2 hours before my workout I find myself having the energy and even the desire to finish my work out where in the past there were times I would decide to for go a couple of exercises because I felt tired or just a lacked of energy. It's surprising how without really thinking about it this small Chew helps me complete a good workout.

Industry Professional More than Excited -Better than expected

Art- thanks for bringing your product to market. As you know, I sample and sell a wide variety of cannabinoid containing products across many business sectors. Your Cookies & Cream chews blew me away. They taste great, deliver great efficacy and last throughout the day. No aftertaste nor overly sweet like many edibles. I look forward to spreading the word about all of your products.


Hello there, my name is Ismael from Orlando, Florida. Since I've been using the U.F.O cookies and cream chewable, I have stopped drinking coffee. By stopping coffee, the headaches I recieved if I skipped my morning cup have stopped. I also use it for a pre-workout and love it! This product doesn't give me the jitters or tingling like other pre-workout products. You should give it a try, the U.F.O chewable is out of this world!

Mary Williams
CBD Sports Chew

I love your product and I’m eager to try your decaf products. My biggest compliment about CBD was the taste. Your CBD products are delicious and help so much with my rheumatoid arthritis pain, and the residual pain from a bad case of shingles 5 years ago. If you would like to use my comments on your website, you have my permission. I have recommended your products to my family and friends. I hope they order from you too.

Mary Williams